A Better (Virtual) View: HTC Reveals New Vive Pro 2

A Better (Virtual) View: HTC Reveals New Vive Pro 2

06/16/2021 3 By admin

HTC lately revealed its most recently virtual reality headset, the Vive Pro 2. In the follow-up to 2018’s Vive Pro, this monster headset will boast a 5k resolution display, a 120-Hz refresh rate, as well as a 120-degree field of view. Furthermore, it likewise sustains Display Stream Compression (DSC), which is a visually lossless requirement that you’ll see most often in high-end monitors. A very first for VR headset displays, DSC decreases movement blur, making activities and also visuals a lot more clear.

A Clear View: HTC Vive Pro 2 in Layman’s Terms

What does all that terminology recommend if you’re not a nerd? It suggests that the Vive Pro 2 is created to utilize you an incredible sight of whatever you’re taking a look at with your Virtual Reality headset. Delighting in the test video makes this kindly clear – you can see a remarkable amount of details in characters’ faces, from the pores in their skin to individual hairs.


Extras and Features

Along with the screen, the Vive Pro 2 sports includes that you would certainly anticipate from a premium VR headset, consisting of sizing dials, adjustable bands, and also a display screen that readjusts for different eye spacing. The headphones are Hi-Res Audio Qualified with 3D spatial audio so you can hear zombies creeping up on you from behind. The device likewise deals with third-party earphones as well as HTC Vive’s SteamVR devices, including body trackers, the new Facial Tracker, as well as any type of SteamVR controller.

Conclusion and Purchasing

Greater than anything, though – we’re excited to see that screen in action. The 5k resolution display screen, blur-free activity, and wide field of view make the experience the most immersive yet. Valued at $800, the HTC Vive Pro 2 headset is readily available currently for pre-order with a release day of June 3rd. If you want the entire package including controllers and also base stations, it cost $1,400 MSRP with a release day in July.