‘Bean Dad’ becomes Twitter’s first ‘main character’ of 2021

The response: “Bean Dad” became Twitter’s initial”primary personality ” of this calendar year, the individual that has such a lousy take people feel forced to dip on them. On Saturday evening, musician and podcaster John Roderick shared a narrative about his starving 9-year-old daughter trying some baked beans. Twenty-three tweets afterward, we have the complete story.

Essentially, the child needed to eat baked beans. He desired her to start the could herself. His daughter didn’t know the way the can opener functioned because she’s 9 years old. Roderick desired her to determine how the can opener functioned. Six hours after, the frustrated 9-year-old figured out how to open the can of beans together with the can opener. The narrative, along with the tone in which it had been advised, infuriated Twitter.

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