The Best Book Light | Buying Guide

The Best Book Light | Buying Guide

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Whether you read on late car trips, do not want to disrupt your resting partner, or just do not feel like rising to transform the light off after your nighttime analysis has actually lulled you to sleepiness, you’re most likely on the hunt for the ideal book light. These also would make excellent holiday presents or equipping gluttons for the book lover in your life. Here are ten of the most effective publication lights readily available, all with a little something different to offer.

No matter what kind of day you have actually had, covering yourself like a burrito in your favorite comforter and also losing on your own in a book can be the excellent prelude to a snooze. If you share a bed, a good publication light means you don’t have to frustrate your partner to leave into a tale. Have a bed all to on your own? A book light can assist make the transition from brightness to wonderful dreams. Whether you’re diving right into pulp fiction, enjoying a coffee table book far from the coffee table, or using an e-reader, we have actually obtained options.

Best book reading light

For avid viewers that are additionally night owls (and that appears to be a lot of us!), a book light is greater than a device. An excellent book light resembles a buddy that maintains your firmly on your bookish experiences late right into the evening. Best of all, publication lights let us delight in the written word without troubling our partners. For you artists out there, a top-quality publication light offers peaceful assistance during hrs of the method. It radiates on sheet music as well as key-boards, maintaining the light– as well as your focus – where it’s required. And also, for the crafter or hobbyist, publication lights make a trusty sidekick using a sharper sight of stitches, brushstrokes, or jewelry making. Take our advice: select your book light as meticulously as you would certainly pick your partner. You’ve obtained great deals of options out there, yet don’t fret– we have actually tightened it down to the very best of the most effective. Happy analysis!

Best for e-readers:

Fitlumin LED Book Light

like much of these book lights, the thing we chose as the champion for this category was discontinued however has an exact replica made under the brand name TFY. We’ve replaced all states on this review of the cross with the identical item from TFY. The only distinction is the TFY can be found in white. For those who choose the digitized variation of their everyday read, we suggest the Fitlumin LED Publication Light.

Our tester used this on their Kindle as well as discovered that it remained clutched in place regardless of exactly how they rested with it. They also liked that it had an adjustable arm, which implied they could relocate the light’s focus, and also shadows on the Kindle display were never ever a concern. The two levels of luminosity on this light additionally supplied adaptability for analysis in a range of setups.


  • Change between warm, awesome, and also natural light
  • 3 illumination settings for each and every color light
  • Sturdy neck
  • Tiny dimension is best for paperbacks
  • Rechargeable


  • The clip is rather huge for smaller sized paperbacks

Best overall:

WITHit French Bull Clip On Book Light

So what is the very best book light for analysis in bed? After hrs of before-bed analysis, we’ve identified that the Bull Clip On Book Light – Rechargeable LED publication light is the best publication light. It casts a warm, buttery-colored glow that really felt much easier on our eyes than a few of the whiter-toned lights. We likewise liked that it had two different light setups. The brighter setting was lighting (however not abrasive) when checking out in bed with the lights off. The dimmer setting was excellent for keeping reading a red-eye flight, where we didn’t want to disturb our sleeping seatmate. As well as speaking of flights, this light was also very easy to travel with.

The lightweight, adaptable neck, as well as the resilience of this little gadget, made it very easy to pack into a layered pocket on layovers. And also, the LuminoLite’s micro-USB charging cable made it very easy to link into our laptop computer while waiting at the terminal. The diffused lights on this gadget likewise suggested our whole publication was brightened at one time. The only thing we really did not love about the Bull Clip On Book Light was its clip. While it functioned well on hardbound books and laptop computers, it was ever-so-slightly as well heavy and also unwieldy to utilize on most


  • 3 warm light brightness levels
  • Light-weight
  • Rechargeable
  • Protects eyes with soft diffused light


  • Not large sufficient for larger hardback publications


The Lamborghini of Book Lights

As a runner-up, we additionally liked the Ecologic Mart– Eye Treatment Cozy Booklight. This additionally has a warmer yellow light. Much more specifically, it has double the cozy yellow light, because it has two heads. Our tester was unconvinced regarding this feature at first however wound up loving the manner in which it lit up both web pages simultaneously. Our tester discovered that the grip functioned well for every single type of publication, paperbacks consisted of.

They also valued that this light is lightweight and easy to use in any position. It includes a rechargeable battery that held solid throughout the testing process, as well as it was easy to charge when we connected it in (through a USB cord) as well. The only drawback we discovered to the Ecologic Mart? It has multiple settings, which is wonderful, yet you need to click with every one of them to get to whichever one you want to utilize.


  • Bright
  • 3 brightness levels
  • Eye-friendly warm light
  • Has branches that function independently
  • Swiftly rechargeable battery
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes adapter


  • A little heavy

Best Book Light for Travel:

Energizer Clip on Book Light

This Energizer Clip item is really small. The manufacturer appears to consciously make the design of this light as basic and space-efficient as feasible. At 0.3 ounce as well as measurements of 1.2 x 3 x 5 inches, you can place it anywhere in your laptop bag, knapsack, or bag. You won’t also discover it exists. The light’s flexible neck and its 2 brightness levels make sure focused, also lighting on your web page when the surrounding lighting problem changes as you get on the go. It makes use of power from a built-in rechargeable battery that can last from several days to weeks after a single one-hour charge. Never carry around those extra AAAs anymore! Just plug in a common USB cord whenever the light sign turns red.

The clip of this light additionally makes it the best travel companion. It’s firm enough to safeguard its hold on a publication however slim as well as small enough to save in your carry-on and it won’t create any type of lumps when you turn the web pages. Considering that it’s simple in dimension, the clip won’t secure onto thick items like your tableside. Not that it’s created that purpose, yet maybe a minus point for some people. If you’re looking for enjoyable colors for your book light, the Energizer Clip is the method to go. It is readily available in black and white, along with purple, blue, eco-friendly, and also lavender.


  • Also lighting
  • Long adaptable neck
  • Basic recharge cable
  • The rechargeable battery consisted of
  • Lightweight


  • The thin clip is not ideal for big hardcovers

Best Book Light for E-readers:

LOAMO Book Light Clip-On LED

Not every e-reader on the marketplace comes with built-in LEDs. That’s when a different book light becomes a must-have item for e-book fans. If you’re an enthusiastic book-lover that invests a number of hrs reading each week, take into consideration a sophisticated e-reader with better lights. But if you like your existing dark tool, the LOAMO Book Light Clip-On LED is a more financially effective option. From the appearance of it, the LOAMO is developed exactly for e-readers. Its clip has two parts. The top part is tiny as well as portable so it will not cover or make a shadow on the screen.

The reduced part of the clip is vast as well as long, covered in a protective silicone layer so it can hold and also support your e-reader without damaging the tool. On the light head are 3 LEDs, which generate a warm, pleasurable light. You can adjust the light with 2 degrees of strength to get the preferred illumination for your analysis activity. The light has an adaptable neck, which is also fairly long offered its size. The adjustable neck allows you to aim the head to your desired area on the gadget. You can also fold the clip-on book light easily as well as put it in your pocket. It’s the perfect light to bring along anywhere for keeping reading an e-reader or tablet. The only minus factor for this LOAMO is that it makes use of 3 AAA batteries, which are not rechargeable. However, as the light uses energy-efficient LEDs, it will take quite a while prior to you need to alter the batteries.


  • Has 2 brightness levels
  • Useful, mobile
  • Compatible with numerous types of readers
  • Energy-efficient


  • The dark mode is still rather bright

Book reading light:

Macalen LED Book Light

The Macalen LED Book Light was one of the most distinct publication lights we tested, with a style implied to wrap around your neck instead of the clip onto your novel. It’s likewise a multipurpose device. Our tester used it as a flashlight, to walk the pet during the night and even more. Since it has several illumination setups (from straight concentrated limelight to a wider, diffused light), it can be made use of in practically any kind of circumstance. It also featured a pre-charged lithium battery that lasted throughout our entire testing period.

Nonetheless, we tested its battery charging feature anyhow. You just plug one end of the included cable right into the light’s billing port, and also the other right into the USB port on your computer. We loved having the ability to do this, as opposed to keeping regular batteries handy to power it. While the Macalen LED Publication Light is wonderful for staying up in bed and also reading in simply the best position, it can provide a challenge if you want to relax otherwise.

Our tester discovered that laying on their side to review with this light was difficult due to the fact that the book light leaned to the side in addition to them. They additionally discovered that they needed to hold the book at a particular height to make sure that the light emanating from around their neck might illuminate it appropriately. Basically, this light will help you, yet only if you find the best analysis setting and stay there.


  • Light-weight
  • Compatible with 2.0, 3.0 USB ports
  • Has 2 brightness levels
  • Has 2 LEDs
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not waterproof

The Best Book Light on Amazon

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How we selected finalists to test

The Best Book Light | Buying Guide

First, we combed with hundreds of book light testimonials on to locate the lights users liked ideal. Then, we required websites like Book Trouble and also Hooked to Books to see what the literary-minded section of the net suggests. We also searched the forums on Goodreads to see what passionate visitors are seeking in a publication light. Finally, we sought advice from among our own testers, who read approximately four publications monthly. Then we made use of every one of these details to choose our leading contenders. We avoided publication lights that went beyond $25. Why? We discovered that any type of version over this rate factor was similar or similar in style to their lower-priced equivalents. We also chose to just test a couple of one of the most highly-rated electronic book lights, since lots of electronic analysis devices are already lit up sufficient by themselves.

Important features to consider

If you’re considering acquiring a publication light, you possibly already take pleasure in cuddling up in your sit-up cushion with the most up to date bestseller from a publication membership box. A publication light is a pretty easy acquisition, yet there are still some factors to keep in mind while selecting one.

Light and brightness: When it pertains to reserving lights, it’s not a surprise that illumination is the primary variable you need to consider. You desire a light that’s intense enough to prevent eye strain, however not so intense that it’s painful to check out. If you’re acquiring a publication light to utilize prior to bed, choose one with warm-colored light bulbs. Cool-colored bulbs might be too stimulating. We additionally discovered this to be real in our evening lights evaluation.

Style and features: There are near as many styles of book lights as there are categories of publications. Some have an adaptable neck (and even two) while others twist around your neck. Some are developed to clip onto an e-reader while others are appropriate for a lightweight book. Some lights likewise include practical attributes, like a shut-off timer that stops you from sleeping with the light on.

Power source: While most of our book light challengers came with rechargeable batteries, one uses removable AAA batteries. Consider what’s most ideal for your scenario. Just as essential is for how long each light holds a cost.

Top pick:


If you locate the time to read regularly, you ought to be compensated with the most effective book light on the marketplace. Thankfully, also the best-functioning ones we have actually located don’t surpass the $25 mark. Our number one choice, the Fitlumin, costs much less than that and also is straightforward, hassle-free to use, and easy on your eyes. For e-reader fans, we suggest the TFY, which clips securely to your e-reader and also will not cast shadows on the display.