The Best Outdoor Movie Screens

The Best Outdoor Movie Screens

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An outdoor film screen is a wonderful method to fix up a motion picture night. Enjoying a movie on a massive screen in the backyard or anywhere else in the outdoors can turn another evening on the couch into a significant occasion. It’s likewise a fantastic way to spruce up a party with a showing-off event or fight evening taking place in the background of a barbeque. As well as pc gaming with an exterior motion picture display and projector is the best method to obtain some fresh air while you rise to the top of the leaderboard.

We took a look around for the very best outdoor motion picture display and discovered a host of wonderful alternatives. What followed was a rigorous screening process of being in a patio chair, playing computer games, enjoying films, and also binging our preferred sitcoms with a flick projector and screen. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Read on to look into our choices of the best outdoor movie displays. If you have a favorite that we left out, let us know on our social media sites networks, and we’ll fire up the PlayStation for much more testing.

The 5 Best Outdoor Movie Screen Review

Best Inflatable

VIVOHOME 14-foot Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen

We enjoy this backyard motion picture display from VIVOHOME for its simplicity of configuration, adjustable buckle-down screen, and also internal blower. This huge outdoor film screen is massive, yet not so huge that you need a full-on substance to utilize it. It’s the best blend of large yet workable. And also unlike other inflatable displays, the screen connects to the blow-up framework with a series of side release fastenings, which enables you to tighten up as well as adjust the display to ensure you get the perfect image throughout fight night.

Furthermore, the internal blower not only pumps up the screen in mins, yet it quietly keeps it pumped up during watching, so you do not need to fret about it shedding air while you view.

Key Features:

  • 14-foot display
  • Weather-resistant
  • Tethers and also stakes consisted of
  • Inner blower
  • Easy Arrangement
  • Compatible with front and back forecast


  • Brand – VIVOHOME
  • Model – VH275
  • Weight – 9.7 lbs.


Internal fan blower

Easy setup

Smaller footprint for an inflatable

Adjustable screen


Fan noise and heat are noticeable if used indoors

Adjustable Height Frame

P-Jing Projector Screen with Adjustable Frame

We like this display from P-Jing for its flexible stand. Instead of piling publications or blocks below your projector to get the right height, the audience can adjust this display’s telescoping frame to a 72-inch height. This enables you to get the projector going and afterward set up the display to center the photo quickly.

That telescoping structure, together with the low weight, makes it easy to carry and highly mobile. So you can take it vehicle camping or transport it to a friend’s home with no issue. The 120-inch display also works with both front and also back projection, which permits different configurations. Our overview of the top-rated residence movie theater systems provides some remarkable tools for your residence. Be sure to browse them.

Key Features:

  • 120-inch display
  • Velcro display accessory
  • 160-degree viewing angle
  • Variable frame height settings
  • Tiedowns and stakes included
  • Compatible with front and back projection


  • BrandP -Jing
  • Model – B08JTXLBQM
  • Weight – 11.23 lbs.


Adjustable frame height

Front and rear projection compatibility

Low weight


Frame material is fragile

Screen can be difficult to mount

Best for Smaller Spaces

Elite Screens Manual B Pull-Down Projector Screen

If you desire a big screen however don’t have a lot of locations in your yard, the Hand-operated B pulling back outside movie screen from Elite Screens is a superb option. This wall-mounted roller display conveniently screws right into a wall surface or can be put on hold from an overhang, in addition to it rolls up into an unnoticeable circumstance when not being used. You can also put it over your moving glass door, pull it down when it’s movie time, after that roll it back up when you’re done (or if you need to acquire a few much more beers.).

The roller has an auto-lock system so you can change the screen to fit a series of facet ratios. It, in addition, showing off activities one more clever style spin: the roller is produced to draw back the display screen back into its real estate gradually, so you don’t need to maintain the take care of.

Key Features:

  • 100-inch display
  • Slow retraction into housing
  • Roll-up storage
  • Variable display dimension setups
  • 3D, 4k Ultra HD, HDR prepared
  • Additionally available in 120-inch and 135-inch versions


Brand – Elite Screens

Model – M100H

Weight – 15 lbs.


Adjustable display dimension

Disappears when not in use

Slow-moving display retraction


Wall installation is permanent

Frame not included

Most Versatile

Bomaker Projector Outdoor Movie Screen with Stand

This offering from Bomaker wins the flexible classification for its lots of placing options. Considering that it can work with or without the included frame, the screen can function as both an indoor screen and also an exterior one. Mount the roller on a wall in your living room or bedroom for day-to-day use, as well as when the climate is nice, pop it onto the framework to utilize it as a backyard flick screen.

The slim layout makes it unobtrusive when not being used, so you can make your tv go away when you’re not watching it, as well as the wrinkle-free style indicates you’ll have a perfect picture every single time you use it. The tripod and also screen are durable and also rust-resistant for outdoor usage, so you won’t have to stress over it flexing or breaking down gradually.

Key Features:

  • 100-inch screen
  • Mounts on frame or wall
  • Roll up storage
  • 3D, 4k Ultra HD, HDR ready
  • 180 degree viewing angle


  • Brand – Bomaker
  • Model – B08KW66V1P
  • Weight – 20.8 lbs.


Mounts on wall or included frame

Wrinkle-free display

Rust-resistant metal elements


Large packed size

Best for Sporting Events

Khomo Gear Jumbo 20-Foot Inflatable Projector Outdoor Movie Screen

If you have in fact acquired a ton of room as well as you want a jumbotron in your lawn, Khomo Tools has you covered. This 20-foot whopper of a blow-up outside movie display produces a considerable photo that lets anyone in your backyard catch every second of the activity. The genuine screen dimension is 13 feet by 8 feet with a 16:9 aspect percentage, best for checking out flicks or playing sporting activities throughout a yard BARBEQUE.

The configuration couldn’t be simpler: link the included fan, and also within five minutes, the screen is up in addition to prepared to go. It collaborates with both front as well as likewise back projectors, which supplies you a couple of alternatives for exactly just how you plan to establish points up. And also did we discuss that the display screen is substantial?

At twenty feet, it’s got a big effect, so you’re going to need a large amount of area for this poor boy. However if you have really obtained the room, you’re going to have a hell of a Super Recipe occasion on your hands.

Key Features:

  • 13- x 8- foot screen
  • Inflatable Frame
  • Quick setup
  • Compatible with front or back projection
  • 180-degree viewing angle
  • Blower included


  • Brand – Khomo Gear
  • Model – GER-1161
  • Weight – 30 lbs.


Gigantic screen

Easy setup

Blower fan included


Huge footprint

How We Tested & Why You Can Trust Us

The Best Outdoor Movie Screens

To provide you an in-depth take a look at each exterior motion picture screen on this checklist, I investigated the best products online, recalled what I’ve loved concerning screens that I have actually utilized in the past as well as hired a couple of to test and assess any type of pieces that were new to me.

My testers and also I utilized these screens outside for enjoying films as well as pc gaming. I completed my first-person impressions with individual examines online to collect a comprehensive view. I additionally have over a decade of experience blogging about tech and gear.

Who This Review Is For

This short article is meant for individuals who are seeking to locate the very best movie screens for exterior use. The screens on this checklist sport varying styles as well as can match a selection of requirements.

How I Picked

In my look for the most effective outdoor screen, I tried to find outside displays that would be useful in all sorts of situations and also for a variety of concerns, consisting of those that work well inside as well as out.

I looked at setup, size, packability, and also stability, among a few various other aspects, as well as categorizing them according to what priorities readers might be looking for in the very best outdoor estimate display.

Features to Look for in Outdoor Movie Screens

Ease of setup – Let’s be genuine: the more challenging a flick screen is to establish, the much less likely you’re going to utilize it. Inflatables are typically the simplest to establish since all you need to do is inflate them than risk them down.

Structures displays aren’t normally much tougher given that they normally snap with each other. One snag you might locate with these kinds is that it can be tough to place the display on tight sufficient to obtain a suitable picture, so examine user reviews prior to you get it.

Hanging displays take even more preliminary arrangements since you need to either mount them on a wall or suspend them from a ceiling or overhang. But once they’re up, you simply require to draw them down to obtain them establish.


Video clip performance/brightness – The smoother the display’s surface, the more clear a photo will certainly be. For example, displays forecasted on wall surfaces with structure can somewhat misshape or obscure photos.

In a similar way, a display with rougher material will reduce the high quality or contrast of the picture.

The exact same chooses illumination: a screen that doesn’t mirror light too will not produce as bright an image.

Essentially, with an outdoor movie display, the photo will certainly be fairly clear, however, if the best photo is your concern, check individual evaluates to see any kind of issues with brightness or picture top quality.


Weather-resistance – Long-term exposure to wetness and/or sunshine will eventually deteriorate the huge majority of outdoor film displays. While lots of displays may promote weather-resistant properties, it pays to put your screen away and also store it out of straight sunshine as well as any possible rain when not being used.

Screen dimension – While you may want to acquire the greatest screen you can discover, the best display dimension actually relies on just how much room you have in your watching area. Ensure that your yard or desired screening spot has not just enough area for your display yet also for you to sit far back adequate to watch it pleasantly. Also, the bigger the display, the much less mobile it’s going to be.

Weight – Exactly how hefty a display influences its mobility for times when you wish to take it camping or to a park. The lighter it is, the easier it’ll be to lug it around. Mobility is somewhat a factor in yard screens also. If you need to transport a 50-pound screen to and from your shed or garage each time you wish to watch something, you’re most likely to simply remain on the sofa as well as see it on your TV.

Frame product – The appropriate framework product is typically a balance between weight and longevity. A steel frame will last you for life, yet it’s mosting likely to be a bear to haul around. You’ll find that the majority of frames make use of aluminum or comparable product to balance reduced weight and modest durability.

Types of Outdoor Movie Screens

Outside structure – One of the most usual types of outdoor flick display is probably the outside framework display. These are prominent for their simple mobility and also packability. They can be protected against the wind with personal lines and risks, and also they are normally fairly easy to establish.

Hanging – Hanging displays are extra ideal for backyard usage because these screens are typically screwed directly into a wall surface or put on hold from a ceiling or overhang. These are terrific for how easy they are to use after the preliminary arrangement, however, they aren’t mobile, so make sure to choose the appropriate place when you’re placing it.

Blow up – Blow up displays are an excellent alternative if you have room for it. The setup is simple (inflate it and link it down with stakes), as well as they are the most convenient way to get an enormous screen up in your backyard. They can be pretty heavy, however, as well as typically take up a huge amount of ground location, so if you’re seeking a versatile option, this may not be the way to go.

Outdoor Movie Screen FAQ

What is the best material for an outdoor movie screen?

If you’re constructing your very own outside flick display, a product like Carl’s Blackout Cloth is a wonderful selection. This material doesn’t show any glare as well as is crease-resistant, so your photos will be brighter and crisper.

Another trendy option for a Do Yourself display is projector display paint if you’re trying to find a more long-term component.

How many lumens do you need to project in daylight?

Indirect sunlight, the solution is way too many. There aren’t any type of projectors that can beat straight sunlight. However, for indoor usage during the daytime, you can escape 2500 to 3600 lumens or more.

What color screen is best for outdoor projectors?

Black screens offer darker dark colors as well as brighter brights, yet the colors can be irregular, with one section of the screen brighter than the others. They’re likewise costly, commonly over $1,000.

Gray screens have similar effects as black ones, yet they tend to cast a grey pall over the photo, which isn’t ideal either.

One of the most usual shades you’ll locate is a white screen, probably the best all-around for the outdoors. The consistency, as well as price, are hard to beat.

How far should a projector be from the screen?

The superb variety varies depending upon the specific projector. Read the instruction manual for your projector and also have fun with a couple of ranges to see which one establishes the very best photo on your screen.

What can I use for an outdoor movie screen?

Nearly any kind of flat, light surface area will do. Outside material, repainted wall surfaces, heck, also bedsheets will certainly work.

Power outage fabric is a wonderful option considering that its matte white profile is similar to the material that movie theaters use for their flick displays. It’s affordable, supplies a large seeing angle, and shows exact projector photos.